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The effect of center of pressure alteration on the ground reaction force during gait: A statistical model
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Muscle function during gait is invariant to age when walking speed is controlled.
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Owings, T. M., et al. (2009). “Plantar Pressures in diabetic patients with foot ulcers which have remained healed.“
The effectiveness of proprioceptive training for improving motor function: a systematic review
Static and dynamic postural control in low-vision and normal-vision adults
Effect of three different jaw positions on postural stability during standing
Effect of the posterior tibial and peroneal longus on the mechanical properties of the foot arch.
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Research Links
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Gait Patterns during Different Walking Conditions in Older Adults with and without Knee Osteoarthritis – Results from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
Subjects with hip osteoarthritis show distinctive patterns of trunk movements during gait-a body-fixed-sensor based analysis