Step Force Training has been developed by a treating clinician for clinicians.

My aim is to empower practitioners in foot and lower limb dysfunction in their every day practice, by providing practical training on how to harness the many benefits of clinical plantar pressure analysis.

The training is specifically for clinical use, rather than the use of plantar pressure for research. My hope is that I can help you make sense of what you’re seeing. – Paul Graham

Online Courses

Comprehensive courses which get you started in making the most of plantar pressure analysis.

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Do you have questions about whether clinical plantar pressure analysis will benefit your practice?

Are you unsure which system will suit you best?

Do you have plantar pressure equipment but are not getting the full benefit from the information it provides?

Or maybe you are considering purchasing a pressure measuring mat, treadmill or in shoe system as a way of developing a point of difference in your clinic.

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Many practitioners are keen to use plantar pressure analysis for the objective data it provides.

High definition calibrated equipment provides you with information that will transform your clinical practice.  If you can understand the data and make sense of what you’re seeing, you will understand your patient’s concerns.

When you understand how the foot and leg are working in real-time, you will understand why areas are being overloaded and how you can address the underlying cause, rather than just redistribute the high-pressure areas, potentially leaving the dysfunction to continue.

This understanding of the objective data provides targeted treatment strategies, which you can test and measure in real-time to see the outcome. Plantar pressure analysis gives you great confidence in your treatment plan and can significantly improve the results for your patient and your practice.

Why choose Step Force Training?

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Start your online learning now and make the most of your investment in plantar pressure analysis.

Step Force Essentials

$400 USD

The Stepforce Essentials course provides practical skills you can immediately apply to your clinical practice. As a significant investment in your clinic, making the most of your plantar pressure equipment, is key to success. Better outcomes for your patients will position you as the “go to” gait expert with objective, evidence based solutions.

Step Force Quickstart

$150 USD

The Step Force Essentials Quickstart is a great place to start learning plantar pressure analysis, providing four short Modules containing the key elements of the full Step Force Essentials course.   It will get you started,  but for a full understanding we recommend the Step Force Essentials course to really benefit your clinical practice.

Replay of May 2021 Webinar course:

This course includes the plantar pressure mapping of some common conditions and what in-consultation interventions you can use to quickly test and predict the outcome of your treatment using plantar pressure analysis.

Replay of August 2020 Webinar Course

Designing orthotics is all about knowing what you want the orthotics to do. Whether you use an orthotic lab or have in-house milling, you need to understand the design process to get the best outcome for each patient.

Step Force Student Testimonies

I stumbled across this training via free access to a historical webinar during lockdown and boy am I glad I did. As a result I have done the Essentials course and the plantar pressure webinar course and will be subscribing to more. The training is delivered by someone with 20 years experience using this type of technology and is of a high standard and is unique in plantar pressure training. Plantar pressure systems have a steep learning curve and these courses will save years of frustration to anyone adopting them in Clinical practice. Quite simply, for anyone using this technology they are a “No-brainer”.

The different courses about “Plantar Pressure Analysis & Diagnosis” were very interesting. I’ve learned a lot about how we can ‘read’ the different foot pressure data and how we can use the data for further research. I’ve also learned how important it is to use and understand plantar pressure analysis rather than only using video imaging.

Paul delivers a comprehensive look at this new modality (pressure analysis) that is relevant and necessary to the progress and development as experts in the field of gait patterns and pathology

I got 10 times more out of this event than expected. Practical, next day implementable knowledge and a new motivation for pressure system analysis

Great course that makes pressure mapping make more sense. I will be putting what I learnt into practice on Monday!

This course is yet another brilliant course by Step Force Training. Paul’s knowledge and experience are evident and yet he manages to explain some quite complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. Be prepared to take lots of notes!