Seminar Training

Live or Online

Seminar training is a great way for professionals to come together to learn and share their clinical experience.

Each seminar contains both theory and interactive workshop sessions which can be tailored to your group. Whether your group is keen to use plantar pressure for a specific condition such as diabetes or arthritis or is a particular professional group such as a Podiatrists, Rehab professionals, Endocrinology or Physical therapists, you’ll learn that what’s happening under the foot is not always what you expect!

Learn how to use plantar pressure to confirm your diagnosis as you learn to identify the features of plantar pressure in common conditions and the associated tests to make sense of what you’re seeing. You’ll be able to immediately apply these practical skills in your clinical practice.

You will also learn how to report objectively, not only your diagnosis, but the effectiveness of your treatments when reviewed, becoming more confident in your diagnosis and successful in your treatments.