In Clinic Workshop

Tailored training online or onsite

A workshop tailored especially for your clinic is an excellent way for your team to get up to speed quickly.

Your team workshop can be online or onsite – you choose.

Whether you’ve had plantar pressure analysis incorporated into your clinic for some time or it’s a new investment and you need your team to quickly and effectively get started, a Team Workshop will be tailored to your specific needs.

We dig deep, to equip your team with a greater understanding of clinical  plantar pressure analysis, which they can immediately apply in their clinical practice, helping you provide successful outcomes for your patients.

With a Team Workshop in your clinic we’re able to provide training using your plantar pressure system, analysing the gait of your most complex patients to ensure your team gets the most benefit.

You have invested in the equipment, invest in your team too. This comprehensive training will put your team on the cutting edge of understanding and making the most plantar pressure analysis in your clinic.