Step Force has been developed by a treating clinician for clinicians.

My aim is to empower foot and lower limb practitioners in every day clinical practice.

Making sense of what you see

Comprehensive training in the clinical use of plantar pressure across multiple plantar pressure equipment.

Clinical assessment made easy

Clinical training in musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis.

Making sense of what you see

Plantar pressure data tells you what is happening in the feet with every step your patient takes. That is: the systems interacting to provide function and the resultant weight bearing trajectory through each foot. Interpreting and understanding what the data is telling you about your patient’s foot function gives you confidence in your diagnosis and the outcome of your treatment plan. Step Force training in clinical plantar pressure analysis will help you understand the common features of specific foot dysfunctions usually seen in clinical practice. It is specifically for clinical use, rather than the use of plantar pressure for research.

Clinical assessment made easy

A musculoskeletal examination should tell you why the foot dysfunction seen in the plantar pressure analysis is occuring. This includes analysis of the pathway or trajectory of body weight through the legs and feet into the ground, how the body compensates and any secondary adaptations that have occured through dysfunction. Step Force training in clinical musculoskeletal assessment of the foot & lower limb provides you with simple, repeatable and objective assessments for consistent results in diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb dysfunction. 

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Step Force Testimonies

I stumbled across this training via free access to a historical webinar during lockdown and boy am I glad I did. As a result I have done the Essentials course and the plantar pressure webinar course and will be subscribing to more. The training is delivered by someone with 20 years experience using this type of technology and is of a high standard and is unique in plantar pressure training. Plantar pressure systems have a steep learning curve and these courses will save years of frustration to anyone adopting them in Clinical practice. Quite simply, for anyone using this technology they are a “No-brainer”.

The different courses about “Plantar Pressure Analysis & Diagnosis” were very interesting. I’ve learned a lot about how we can ‘read’ the different foot pressure data and how we can use the data for further research. I’ve also learned how important it is to use and understand plantar pressure analysis rather than only using video imaging.

Paul delivers a comprehensive look at this new modality (pressure analysis) that is relevant and necessary to the progress and development as experts in the field of gait patterns and pathology

I got 10 times more out of this event than expected. Practical, next day implementable knowledge and a new motivation for pressure system analysis

Great course that makes pressure mapping make more sense. I will be putting what I learnt into practice on Monday!

A tremendous insight into plantar pressures and relevance to foot pathologies