Full Examination of the foot and it’s function – July – August 2020

I use research based non weight bearing and weight bearing tests as part of my examination. When this is combined with the plantar pressure analysis it forms a really solid basis for me to formulate a treatment plan I can confidently present to the patient. This webinar course will go through this process in detail.

  • 6 X 60 minute interactive weekly webinars with Question & Answer session.
  • Content includes:
    • Patient history and goal setting
    • Non weight bearing testing
    • Weight bearing testing
    • Diagnosis & analysis using plantar pressure, (Mat, Treadmill, Video)
    • The treatment process
    • The Review process
  • Worksheets are provided for participants to ensure understanding and ability to use learned knowledge to gain expected outcomes in your own clinic.
  • Quiz questions are included with each session to demonstrate your understanding and to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the course.


  • 30-minute one on one online consultation to assist you to best use the content in your own practice environment and patient caseload.

$200 USD