Biomechanical Foundations of Force

Core Unit

Core Information

The Biomechanical Foundations of Force is where you need to start for a comprehensive understanding of using plantar pressure gait analysis effectively in your clinical practice.

An understanding of how force affects the body as it is transferred through the feet by ground reaction force, is the foundation of plantar pressure analysis.

This unit gives you the foundation on which you can build your later understanding of plantar pressure data using the Zebris plantar pressure treadmill.  Plantar pressure data not only provides the areas and duration of maximum load, it also reveals the speed and trajectory of pressure, including the location and timing of any blockages caused by joint dysfunction.

No other tool provides this level of objective analysis into the function of the feet in gait.

Content includes:

  • 5 X video sessions – a total of 70 minutes of content
  • Worksheet to use in your own clinical practice
  • Test questions to assist your understanding and for you to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the unit.
  • Unit Content
    1. force and structure
    2. force pathways 
    3. adaptation & compensation
    4. force and injury
    5. the role of plantar pressure analysis