Plantar Pressure & Video Data Acquisition and Analysis

Core Unit

Core Information

Good data is of critical importance for meaningful analysis that will lead you to a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your patients. This course will take you through the steps of preparing your patient, acquisition of a good data set and  effective analysis of both the plantar pressure and video data.

Accurate analysis of dynamic plantar pressure data enables you to provide an accurate assessment of your patient’s foot and leg dysfunction.

Even if the patient has no symptoms of pain or discomfort at present, dynamic plantar pressure analysis provides an assessment of their level of potential risk of injury.

Dynamic plantar pressure analysis also provides an accurate and objective comparison when you analyse the plantar pressure again after intervention and treatment. This allows you to provide a treatment plan which will reduce, manage and redirect the excessive forces and provide you with the confidence that the underlying cause is being addressed, as well as the symptoms.

This course includes video demonstrations for the Zebris software analysis tools, links to research referenced in the training and a Worksheet to assist you in implementing what you’ve learnt in your daily clinical practice.

Content includes:

  • 4 X video sessions – a total of 90 minutes of content
  • Unit Worksheet
  • Test questions to assist your understanding and for you to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the unit.
  • Unit Content
    1. Data Acquisition 
    2. Gait Analysis Foundations
    3. Plantar Pressure Data Analysis
    4. Video Data Analysis