Stepforce Essentials

Online Course

Core Information

  • Course Desciption

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  • Cost

    $400 USD

  • Average course duration

    8 hours. Each module takes approx 2 hours to complete.

  • Access via multiple devices

    Yes! You can access your course via any device connected to the internet including PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones.

  • Access duration

    You will have lifetime access to your course, even once it’s completed you can come back and view the material.

Course Structure

  • MODULE 1 – Foundations
    1. Body Structure, Asymmetry and Function
    2. How the body Compensates
    3. Mechanisms of Micro-trauma and Injury
    4. Force, function and the benefit of plantar pressure mapping
  • MODULE 2 - Diagnostic & Analysis Features.
    1. Using Freestep software to get the best information to make your decisions
    2. Focus on :
      1. The gait cycle
      2. Freestep graphs and video acquisition
      3. Diagnostic & Analysis features
  • MODULE 3 – Pressure mapping & common conditions.
    1. Medial and lateral forefoot pain
    2. Midfoot and heel pain
    3. Medial and lateral ankle pain
  • MODULE 4 – Using pressure to predict outcomes.

    Analyse the effect of the treatment strategy using plantar pressure mapping, such as:

    1. Address arch collapse
    2. Change CoP trajectory
    3. Correcting 1st MTP Joint Function
    4. Alter FvT graphs
    5. Address Overloading
  • MODULE 5 – Marketing plantar pressure

    Commercial application of plantar pressure assessment. Market the unique selling proposition of plantar pressure assessment

    1. Justify treatment program costs to both patient and referring health practitioners
    2. Show the success of your treatment using the comparison feature of the software