Pressure Mapping & Common Conditions

Elective Unit

Core Information

Plantar Pressure mapping and the data provided for analysis provides a window into the what is happening in the foot during dynamic movement. Common dysfunction and conditions of the foot will display distinctive patterns and indications. Once these are learnt and recognised you will be able to use the plantar pressure data to provide a hypothesis of what the dysfunction or condition is. From this basis your examination of the feet can work toward an understanding of why the dysfunction is occurring.

For each condition several pressure mapping examples are given and the following questions asked of each:

What would the pressure map look like?
What would the CoP (Centre of Pressure) tell us?
What would the PvT (Pressure Versus Time) graph tell us?
What possible reasons could cause this?
What are the tests and investigations you should do?
How does this inform you of possible treatment outcomes?

Content includes:

  • 4 X video sessions – a total of around 60 minutes of content
  • Unit Worksheet
  • Test questions to assist your understanding and for you to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the unit.
  • Unit Content
    1. Medial forefoot pain 
    2. Lateral forefoot pain 
    3. Midfoot & heel pain
    4. Medial & lateral ankle pain