Orthomechanical Therapy

Elective Unit

Core Information

There is a great deal of opinion on what patient assessments are required to make up orthotics or shoe modifications.
But, you do need to have enough information to provide you with the understanding of what is needed to actually address the condition.

This is especially so if you are aiming to address the cause of the dysfunction that has led to the tissue overloading and resultant pain or you are going to offload tissues that are at high risk of injury and ulceration.

In this unit we look at how Orthomechanical Therapy, such as orthotics and / or footwear modifications,  form part of a larger rehabilitation plan with other associated treatment components. Also, how plantar pressure analysis and specific patient assessments can give you confidence in prescribing orthotics because you can have an expectation of how the foot will react to the treatment. In addition, if the foot is not accommodating the correction of the orthotics, you will know what parameters of the orthomechanical treatment need to be addressed.

Content includes:

  • 5 X video sessions – a total of 70 minutes of content
  • Test questions to assist your understanding and for you to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the unit.
  • Unit Content
    1. Forces, function and Orthomechanics
    2. Foot orthotic design and types
    3. Non-weight bearing assessments
    4. 2D & 3D scanning & weight bearing assessments
    5. Plantar pressure & video data acquisition