Review Assessments & Treatment Pathways

Elective Unit

Core Information

The Review Assessments and treatment pathways unit provides training in the process for different types of reviews including reviewing a diagnostic action such as Low Dye strapping, regular treatment such as low level laser therapy or joint mobilisation , radiology and treatment by another health professional.

The foot orthotic review is covered in detail including testing the efficacy of functional orthotics,  orthotic adjustments and troubling shooting some common problems.

The unit covers the importance of active listening and communicating key information to your patient. Important questions in the review process are:
Is their concern getting better?
How much longer and why?
Are they still in the ‘Right Place’?
What is the outcome of your strategy?
What is the next step in the plan?

An overview of functional testing such as joint range of motion and stiffness, muscle strength and soft tissue elasticity as well as plantar pressure analysis for dynamic gait and balance assessment are also included.

Content includes:

  • 5 X video sessions – a total of 114 minutes of content
  • Test questions to assist your understanding and for you to receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the unit.
  • Unit Content
    1. Patient engagement 
    2. Patient feedback and re-assessment
    3. Types of review
    4. Foot orthotic review
    5. Orthotic adjustment