2021 Examination of the Foot and it’s Function

6 Session Webinar Replay Course

Core Information

When your examination includes research based non weight bearing and weight bearing tests, combined with plantar pressure analysis, it forms a really solid basis for you to formulate a treatment plan you can confidently present to the patient.
This course contains 6 X 60 minute webinar replay sessions which go through this process in detail.

With your course enrolment you have lifetime access to a personal student dashboard with:

  • The webinar replay of every session
  • The Pdf of every webinar session presentation
  • Quiz questions for each session leading to a Certificate of Completion
  • Content specific research references where applicable
  • Content specific templates where applicable


30-minute one on one online consultation to assist you to best use the content in you own practice environment and patient caseload.

Webinar Course Structure

  • Session 1

    Getting to know your Patient

  • Session 2

    Acute injury assessment and action pathways

  • Session 3

    Standard (non-acute) Assessment, Optional Tests & Intervention

  • Session 4

    Orthomechanical Assessment

  • Session 5

    Treatment Strategies

  • Session 6

    Review assessment & pathways

USD $200.00