Masterclass in Clinical Use of Plantar Pressure – November 2020

The Masterclass in clinical use of plantar pressure analysis is great for a clinician who already has some level of understanding and experience in the clinical application of plantar pressure analysis, and wants to get more from their plantar pressure equipment.

The Masterclass course is limited to 15 places

You will be sent a clinical profile questionnaire to help me understand your current situation and learning goals for the course.

The training is then focused on your goals and includes one on one online sessions to:

  • understand your unique goals and needs for the training, and
  • enable you to make the best use the content in your own practice environment and patient caseload.

We’ll go through how Plantar Pressure analysis can be a seamless part of your clinical practice from the Initial Consultation to the completion of a Treatment Plan.

You’ll see how,  when the patient understands where their treatment plan is heading, it makes a huge difference to the outcome.

Case Studies are discussed to ensure your understanding and ability to use learned knowledge to gain expected outcomes in your own clinic.

Certificate of Achievement  on completion.

Major Bonus

If 2 or more Step Force courses have been completed, you will be invited to participate in the Master Class Course as a complimentary reward for your effort and commitment to your learning journey.