Masterclass in Clinical Use of Plantar Pressure – September / October 2020

The Masterclass in clinical use of plantar pressure analysis is great for a clinician who has the equipment but wants to get more from it.

We’ll go through how Plantar Pressure analysis can be a seamless part of your clinical practice from the Initial Consultation to the completion of a Treatment Plan. You’ll see how,  when the patient understands where their treatment plan is heading, it makes a huge difference to the outcome.

  • The Masterclass course is limited to 15 places
  • Prior to commencement each participant will have a one on one session with me to understand their unique goals and needs for the training.
  • The weekly Webinars of focused training (depending on the goals of the clinician) include projects to test your knowledge and display understanding.
  • Q & A available at any point to assist with weekly projects.

6 X 75 minute interactive weekly webinars with 60 minutes of content and 15-minute Question/ discussion section.

  • Worksheets are provided for participants to complete to ensure understanding and ability to use learned knowledge to gain expected outcomes in your own clinic.
  • Case Studies will be provided to work on to demonstrate your understanding and will be submitted as course work after the last webinar for grading.
  • You will receive an Achievement Certificate at the completion of the course.


  • 30-minute one on one online consultation to assist you to best use the content in your own practice environment and patient caseload.

Major Bonus

If 2 or more courses are completed, you will be invited to participate in the Master Class Course as a complimentary reward for your effort and commitment to your learning journey.

$300 USD